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What We Do

We design award-winning experiences. From consumer electronics to non-profits, from medicine to science, we help our clients build the future.

As a small team or as individuals, we research how things work today, combine that with what's on the horizon, all to build a more productive and humane future.

We prioritize projects that lead to a better future for all people.

What‘s intutive, delightful, and genuinely useful for your users? Let's find out!

How We Do It

We are a human-centered design studio; we listen to your users to discover what they want and why. When that's not possible, we use our years of experience and industry best practices.

Discovering what to build might involve some antrhopology, lots of sketching, rapid prototyping, or experimenting with completely new ideas. Sometimes, the right solution doesn't even involve a screen.

What's it like working with us?

We can help with any part of the design process, but we recommend bringing us in early in the process, perhaps even when the product roadmap is being created, to ensure you're spending time and money on building the right thing.

Planning: First we work with you to identify a project’s goals, then discuss what tools we can bring to bear on a project. We scale to make the most of time, budget, and available resources.

Research: Depending on how well you know your target audience, we may recommend quick and dirty research to confirm assumptions, or more foundational research to identify patterns and insights.

Design: We can help prioritize and build a roadmap centered around value to your users. We often lead collaborative design sketching and whiteboarding sessions, and then move towards canned or functional prototypes before creating detailed designs.

Support: We work with your engineers to iterate and solve problems within the agile framework. We recommend a phased approach of design waterfall to agile implementation.

Get in touch and let's figure out how to solve your challenging problems togther!

Bryan Wu Headshot
Bryan Wu
Principal, User Experience Architect

I help clients make the right decisions

I'm a “full-stack” user experience design director.

I love working with novel technologies and solving difficult problems.

Over decades of design work, I've come to realize a few things:

My programming background keeps solutions feasible, while my wide design experience lets me cross-pollinate from other industries.

My favorite tools are a new Sharpie and a big sheet of blank paper (or often now, an iPad Pro and Pencil).

Useful facts: 20+ years design experience, iOS programmer, 2 patents, Computer Engineering degree.

Fun facts: I love making quirky phone apps and rallycrossing my Subaru.


Side Projects

Thy Tran Headshot
Thy Tran
Researcher, Analyst, Strategist

I enjoy learning about people:
How they do things and — most importantly — why?

I am a full-stack (with lots of maple syrup) researcher and strategist.

Nuance and craft are important to me. With insights gained from a diversity of research techniques, I help our clients shape relevant and meaningful experiences for their customers.

My background in ethnographic research, cultural analysis, social justice, and educational programming informs my recommendations.

Some of my favorite tools are made of cast-iron: a Kelsey tabletop letterpress, a set of Griswold skillets, and a Vietnamese whelk pick.


Wandering Spoon

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